BEARD GROWTH OIL DOMINATION & The Chemistry It Takes To Get There

In November 2015 right before Thanksgiving, having freshly retired from programming Geo-Spatial/Geo-Locational applications 14 hours a day, I decided it was time to grow a hugely righteous beard…and plan my next journey.

So you know how it works when you’re really into something, you start seeing it everywhere, and that which you were blind to now becomes a ubiquitous sight. All of a sudden I realized, every guy either has a beard, wants one, or can’t grow one for some reason or the other, and they’re all looking for enhancement products for existing beards or solutions to problems growing one.

As my beard grew over those next couple months, I began seeing my next journey come plainly into view, and I knew it was time for me to do what I do best: intensify my research and develop world class solutions. Maybe, just maybe…I could discover some hidden secret others were missing, a wormhole to another dimension. Then it happened.

In early 2016, as I was absorbed in the deeply focused reading of a scientific paper on the systemic vs. site produced effects of “hair killing” DHT (dihydro-testosterone) in men as they age, I had an epiphany: X wasn’t marking the spot, the scientific community had simply been looking in the wrong place the whole time (figuratively), asking the wrong questions (literally).

Now I’ll spare you the pain of going too deep into the science and chemistry of the matter, but I quickly realized that even with all the resources science had at it’s disposal, and the brilliant minds wielding the craft…they were still missing some of the most simple questions that needed to be asked. Questions like:

  1. What biological signals are precursory to men’s hair loss by site-produced DHT buildup, and are we even noticing them?
  2. If we don’t understand the ramifications of question #1 above, then how reliable can our “control groups” for testing new therapies be….EVER?
  3. Why is it so hard to find validated research on “non FDA approved” therapies, and when you do find them why does it seem like they’re being “obfuscated” on purpose and even ridiculed?

Of course this list could be far bigger, but I think it illustrates the point very succinctly; men are being kept in the dark about hair loss in the grand scheme of things.

To further my point, what if I were to tell you that a highly documented (albeit hidden away) sanctioned Ivy league study, showing a natural substance (applied topically) outperforming FDA Approved hair growth drugs by over 50% (and at a fraction of the cost to boot)? Would it also surprise you, that if we credited this natural compound in the same way we credit FDA Approved drugs, we’d risk being sued or going to jail for it? You see what I mean…we’re dancing on strings like marionettes, clueless to so many truths.


Kind of great paradox wouldn’t you say. We avoid getting “hit” by the big things in life, only to be killed by the small things we didn’t even see coming? That stone cold irony of avoiding something that would surely end our lives, and living, for something that shouldn’t, but ends up taking it. Much is the case when you jump in front of the scientific community, and challenge their well guarded territories. I knew what I might be in for, but this is exactly what I set out to do.

Let’s jump ahead now to March 2016, the month I finished my initial research on what would ultimately become my prized beard growth formula: POSEIDON 1.0.

POSEIDON Beard Growth Oil 1.0, was initially released as a beta trial on eBay, and almost instantly developed a cult-like following. This was unusual to me, because there were many other companies selling beard oils all over eBay, and very quickly I hopped to the #2 selling position for beard oils on the platform. The interesting part was, my product was more expensive, contained less volume of product, and wasn’t “bundled” with other superfluous items…like combs, brushes, balms and bags. My product was indeed that good and effective, and first time users noticed that right away…so things really took off.

Over the next few months though, competitors saw me taking over market share very quickly, and simply started “relisting” their existing and worthless products to include the words: beard growth oil. A very sleazy and shady tactic for sure, but nonetheless, they were able to fool unsuspecting consumers into visit their listing over mine…where they proceeded to knock, trash and attempt to discredit my heavily scientific formulas as, “voodoo science”. Because of this, I’ve now slipped into the #4 slot for overall sales in the beard oil category on eBay, and what was once my well earned position at the top of the beard growth oil stage…is now gone. Whisked away by competitor’s lies, deception and the desire to sell anything to anybody, no matter the cost.


The moral of this story really should be…I NEVER STOP INNOVATING, EVEN WHEN I DON’T HAVE TO. So as destiny would have it, I dove even deeper into the chemistry of what made POSEIDON 1.0 great in the first place, and then turned up the juice 100 fold. I wanted to develop the World’s Greatest Beard Growth Oil once and for all…a formula so advanced, nobody would ever get even remotely close to its magic. No matter how hard they tried, or lied!

Today, February 15th 2017, I hold ownership on the most effective beard growth oil on the market by far, and loyal customers worldwide speak testimony to that fact on a daily basis. This, of course, doesn’t mean that POSEIDON 2.0 is the worldwide top selling beard growth oil that it should be, but rather an obscure ultra-premium formula that is still hidden in the dark of the web. In fact, unless you’re looking for the name itself, POSEIDON BEARD GROWTH OIL, you might be hard pressed to find it anywhere in the first three pages of a Google search for beard growth oil. What’s that tell you?

Only time will tell what happens to my remarkable POSEIDON Beard Growth Oil formula, and whether it achieves the fame, recognition and customer loyalty it deserves based on results…or whether it will become another victim of the internet’s filthy, misleading and muddy waters.

One thing is absolutely certain though, if POSEIDON ever does get the attention it deserves…it will surely lead to BEARD INDUSTRY DOMINATION for the world’s best beard growth oil!

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