Highly Targeted Advertising Backed By Proven Data!

Advertising your business is a simple fact of life.  Even mega corporations like Coca Cola, Nike, Apple, and Google, must continually keep their message in front of prospective eyes.  These companies, as big as they are, still wrestle day in and day out with staying “relevant” in the eyes of consumers, and they never cease in that quest.

So what’s their secret?  Their secret my friends, is two-fold: first, they each possess an enormous warchest of revenue to advertise with, and two, they have the MARKETING DATA which maximizes the efficiency of their consumer acquisition capital!  Data & dollars which comes from us no less, and then used to get more of us.  It’s one massive, self-replicating & self-funding marketing monster.

At the core of all this success we see today, is big data.  Data that allows the world’s most successful companies to stay that way, and data in which we are generating for them for free…and then paying our money to buy their products and services which only gives them MORE VALUABLE DATA.  Brilliant…for them.

But here’s the great part: DATA IS EVERYWHERE…and Awesomely Powerful in the hands of anyone that can scientifically obtain, analyze, process, and then capitalize on it!  This is what the AdWhistle™ System is all about, and we are excited to present this FULL SERVICE DIRECT MAIL OPPORTUNITY to you, our friends in the small business community.
Highly Targeted Advertising Backed By Proven Data!

Since we know that data is everywhere, the real question becomes, how much of that data is relevant…and how do you process it for advertising profitability?  This part gets pretty technical, so I’ll do my best to explain things at the highest level possible.  Fair enough?

Okay, now this is where data science (and the people that know how to process it) comes in very handy.  Our small team of data scientists are currently processing more than 50 relevant data verticals, and are adding more as each passes our strict filtering system.  Each of these 50 data verticals have been put through a proprietary algorithm, and have been effectively declared to be relevant to our advertising mission.  For example:

  • How much does age and gender have to do with shopping locally versus online product sales conversions?
  • With smartphone users ages 18-25, what is the participation rate with ANY level of advertising, and what advertising converts the best?
  • What specific products do apartment dwellers buy the most, and what will they never buy? No matter how good the offer is!
  • What group of people never convert well for coupon based ads, regardless of how many FREE items they might get?  Why BOGO doesn’t work on these people!
  • What weather patterns and seasonal storms drive crazy sales for contractors, home remodelers, landscapers, etc?  And how quick must you reach these people?
  • Why living in a neighborhood close to an Athletic Club or Country Club, actually determines which five types of products/services sell 75% higher than anywhere else?
  • What high income areas convert worse than low income areas, and for what products?
  • How many times must you expose a consumer to your ads, before they decide to buy?  And why they respond 60% less if your ad is the same thing twice!
  • This is just a tiny fraction of what we process daily…

So we comb over mountains of data every day, filter it through algorithms designed to isolate even greater sources of potential, run that processed data through our professional team of marketers so we can determine which businesses would benefit most from it, and then break those ideas down into bite-sized direct mail advertising cost chunks.  Like this:

  • $97 to reach 1050 targeted consumers ($.092 per home) Second run discounts drop your costs even more!
  • $197 to reach 2800 targeted consumers ($.07 per home) Second run discounts drop your costs even more!
  • $210 to reach 3500 targeted consumers ($.06 per home) Second run discounts drop your costs even more!
  • $299 to reach 6500 targeted consumers ($.046 per home) Second run discounts drop your costs even more!
  • $320 to reach 8000 targeted consumers ($.04 per home) Second run discounts drop your costs even more!
  • And so on….

Once we’ve done all that’s listed above, we open the advertising door to the specific businesses that will benefit most, and let them buy into our direct mail advertising at their budget.  All of this can be done conveniently online (here on SwitcHHat.com), or through personal contact with one of our professionals who can help you all the way!
Highly Targeted Advertising Backed By Proven Data!

AdWhistle™ works on many levels, not the least of which is that the data proves it.  But to clarify a little further why our system is effective, lets look at the “physical nature” of its delivery medium:  Direct Mail.

Direct mail has always been able to Absolutely Guarantee one thing:  Eyeballs WILL SEE IT!  That doesn’t mean every direct mail piece will convert, obviously, but as we’ve explained earlier…having the data that backs to whom you target…goes A LONG LONG WAY towards making your ad dollars convert into profit!

You can’t say this about email!  With technology these days, spam filters, I.P. blockers, server configurations, and personal user settings have all but eliminated, or can be set to eliminate, nearly ALL INCOMING ADVERTISING and “UNWANTED EMAIL” that appears to be advertising.  And don’t think you can just buy email lists and get away with blasting out cheap ads.  Again, the rules against SPAMMING and ELECTRONIC MAILING have changed dramatically over the years, and new laws have been passed to prevent the practice.  Not to mention the fact, that bulk email platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and others will suspend your account permanently if you’re caught doing that.

Besides, everyone frowns on the practice anyway, and if you really want to distance yourself from potential customers, be sure to SPAM them regularly so they NEVER do business with you!

You also can’t say this about radio, TV ads, or social media!  In order for those to work, your “target market” must be listening to, watching, or following you at the exact moment your ad appears, or that ad dollar you spent will go up in smoke forever!  Are you going to “follow” every local grocery store, restaurant, and small business on Facebook?  Or set around the house waiting and watching TV on a certain channel for the local home improvement guy’s ad to come on?  I’m not!  I have a life to live.  And so do you.

The same can also be said about mobile apps, mobile advertising, and websites.  We’ve all pretty much “been there and done that”, and the excitement just isn’t there anymore. Besides, the costs to scale properly are prohibitive to most small businesses, especially for many local “mom and pop” shops that are struggling to hang on in the first place.  Every dime they spend without a chance to convert to profit, is one dime closer to shutting the doors.  And before you can even think of converting a local customer through your website, you have to drive them there in the first place…and that can be terribly expensive (and don’t let the slick SEO/SEM people fool you, you CANNOT GAME GOOGLE ANYMORE my friends!)

Here are a few facts about direct mail that you should know (these are general stats, NOT AdWhistle™ system stats) :

  • Response rate for Direct Mail is between 4.5% – 6.5% vs. email & social media at .12%!
  • 65% of recipients have made a purchase as a result of Direct Mail!
  • 79% act on Direct Mail vs. 40% on email!
  • 59% of Direct Mail recipients have tried a new business for the first time!
  • 75% of Direct Mail recipients have “renewed” their relationships with businesses they’ve purchased from before!
  • Direct Mail increased 2% in 2014 to $45 billion in revenue, and 2015 will see increases of 5% or more!
  • Youth aged 18-24 report the Highest Sales Conversion, as compared to any other marketing medium! (They’re intrigued by direct mail, because they didn’t grow up with it like we did!)

Here are more facts about COST PER CONSUMER CONVERSION (CPCC) of Direct Mail, vs. other mediums (Again, in general…not AdWhistle™ system stats):

  • Direct Mail CPCC is $49.50
  • Pay-Per-Click CPCC is $52.58
  • Social Media CPCC is $54.60
  • Email CPCC is $55.24
  • Print Advertising (newspaper/magazine/etc) CPCC is $60.50
  • Radio CPCC is $67.50
  • Telemarketing CPCC is $190.49

Just imagine how significantly the CPCC drops, as we process the target audience through the AdWhistle™ System!  It’s no longer a “Guessing Game” at that point, which is why we’re so excited to bring this program to you!
Highly Targeted Advertising Backed By Proven Data!

The current AdWhistle™ System is set up to offer the following Direct Mail sizing options to our clients:

  • High Impact 18pt. Gloss/Matte Postcards in sizes: 4.5 x 12, 6 x 12, 6.5 x 8, 6.5 x 9, 6.5 x 12, 8.5 x 7
  • High Impact 120 lb. CS1 Gloss Flyers in sizes: 4.5 X 12, 6 X 12, 6.5 X 9, 6.5 X 12, 8 X 6.5, 8.5 X 7, 8.5 X 11, 9 X 11, 9 X 12
  • High Impact 120 lb. CS2 Sell Sheets in sizes: 8.5 X 11, 9 X 11, 9 X 12

COMING SOON:  A Brand New Online Ad Placement Portal is currently under development, and our target launch date is June 15th, 2015.  This new portal will allow our clients to research opportunities for their specific business, “book” their ads 24/7, pay for their chosen run size, upload their ad design, and secure their position with a Definite Delivery Date.  A New Loyalty Rewards System will also be a part of this new online portal, whereby every business who advertises with AdWhistle™, will receive points for every purchase they make…and those accumulated points can be used for things such as:

  • FREE MARKETING MATERIALS (business cards, flyers, banners, window graphics, vehicle graphics, custom screen printing, & much more)!
  • And more…!


Whether you are a local restaurant advertiser in Lincoln Nebraska, or a custom boat builder in San Diego California, the AdWhistle™ Direct Marketing System can reach your intended audience 24/7/365!

You see, when you run as many data verticals as we do, the opportunities can literally “hop off the screen” when you see them unfold.  For example, during the spring and summer months, it is very typical for damaging thunderstorms to wreak havoc over the entire Midwest.  Unfortunately, these storms can bring the damages that all of us homeowners dread.  When that happens, the last thing a homeowner wants, is to think about how they’re going to get everything repaired (shingles, trim, siding, windows, fences, etc.).

So this is precisely the time when the AdWhistle™ can come to the rescue.  Our data verticals track these storms, know when and where they are likely to hit (and how severe), then we present the targeted opportunities to our “home improvement/contractor” clients with advanced notice, so that they can quickly dispatch their ads to these locations.  Early bird always gets the worm!

But that’s just one example.  Imagine the massive scale of opportunities that comes to light, as you process more and more Geo-Locational/Geo-Spatial data?  The AdWhistle™ is able to harvest, process, and present all of that incredible information to our clients, via our structured algorithms that dial in the targeted advertising locations, while simultaneously keeping costs extremely affordable.

We have just added a new Franchise Support Program, which allows companies like Mr. Handyman, Anytime Fitness, Subway, Jack in the Box, Supercuts, Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, ServPro, and many others to purchase, archive, re-mail, and maintain their direct marketing campaigns….all online 24/7/365.

Not to mention, we maintain the industry’s quickest turn-around times and lowest cost per mailing, due to our AdWhistle™ System using an advanced & proprietary data processing and analysis method, that produces results even the big franchise companies can’t compete with.

So if you own a franchise, or are thinking about becoming a franchisee, make sure you connect with one of our experts…and get up to speed on the Awesome Direct Marketing Opportunities that await you.

 The Excitement Is Just Beginning >> And We Have More Announcements Coming Soon!


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