A New Business Printing Portal For SwitcHHat Customers

After years of brokering the world’s best print products to major corporations, I have decided to make all this exclusive print marketing juju available to my print customers, but through an automated portal that gives them control over file submission.

I’m adding new products daily, and the array of offerings you’ll see will be astonishing!  From every type of full color printed business product, like, business cards, flyers, postcard mailers, scratch offs, and catalogs…to promotional items like, banners, yard signs, vehicle graphics, stickers, mugs, apparel, and more…soon all of this will be available exclusively to customers of SwitcHHat!

And what’s even better, is that my new system will be a breeze to navigate, select items, order, and upload files in just a few easy clicks.  (An new video explaining the whole process will be up January 15th, 2014).

Now for the ShamWow.

But wait, there’s more!  SwitcHHat will also give our clients full control over their design source files, and will professionally format them to be accepted to our world class commercial presses.  These files will have the exact color schema (CMYK), be properly bled, and include the necessary registration marks used in commercial printing.

So basically speaking, all our customers will have to do, is to come to our printing website, choose the products they need, order them, then simply upload their “pre-formatted” design files produced by SwitcHHat, and we’ll do the rest.  In a few short days, your full color printing products will be delivered to your doorstep!

You can check our progress, by going here >>

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